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Wow 1 year ago
This this right here is the biggest fucking flex ever mad respect
1 year ago
I want a Tesla now
Team Gas Car 1 year ago
Holy fuk, this is the first time I’ve been jealous of someone’s entire life based on a porn clip
Well 1 year ago
So that’s the real reason to buy a Tesla… I see
1 year ago
TESLA sales increased 48 % this month... wonder why
Is that a self-driving Tesla!? 1 year ago
In an alternate universe: man and women die after wrecking their car in a failed sex attempt whilst driving!

No, but seriously though, at least the sex is good (while it lasts)...
1 year ago
kinda G just threw that tesla in autopilot and got some pussy props to him lmfao
Yaboi 1 year ago
I’m sure this is what the Tesla was built for. Good work Elon. You’ve done your country proud. Now I need to go get one myself and get rid of this Honda.
1 year ago
I want to buy a Tesla now
LOL FFS 1 year ago
I love how there's just a subcategory for people fucking in a tesla.